Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Christmas Carol

I think this blog is pretty much dead right now. Even if I posted something new Haha! I'm sorry peeps. Not my fault for being so busy.

Everyone knows... especially those who are on FB catching up with my lastest photos -- I'm in KK now!!! yiippiieee! And it has been around 2 weeks I'm back here, I felt like I didn't do much :( I don't know what I should really do but I felt like I shall do something BIG when I'm back at home! sigh.

Anyways, enough rants. Have you guys watched "A Christmas Carol"?

Watch it! if you have not! I have to admit it's a bit of the scary side. (I still prefer Polar Express better). But the animation and cinematography is damn good! Jim Carey especially! Even if it was an animation, I can feel his pure existence in the movie! Two thumbs up for him!

Warning : do not ever sit alone or choose the side seats when you're watching this if you can't handle even a little of horror scenes. I was covering my cheeks most of the time bcos I thought something might appear on the empty seats next to me! eeek! *blush*

I was chatting with a friend of mine after watching "A Christmas Carol". Friend was having nostalgia and I wasn't helping at all! XD Soli Friend! I just have to post this here!

Friend says :
- just... snow sick?
- haha
- i think it was A Christmas Carol
- i long for a nice cosy Christmas
- hahah

Me says :
- yeahh
- cold weather and hot choc.
- sigh im still waiting to experience that
- the best part was.... christmas shopping!
- with christmas music playing agn and agn in the mall.. hahaha

Friend says :
- haha! u can experience that soon when u go UK! it really is amazing.. THAT specific feeling
- YEAH! with the christmas feeling playing at the shopping centres
- hahah
- wow.. this really isn't helping

I hope Friend will have a good sunny Christmas this year! ;)