Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mamutik Island Trip

"The weather was gloomy. We were all soo worried..."

It was Dana's plan to spend some fun time in Mamutik Island.
Chua, Sam, Esther, Andy, Meli and I were the only people who made it!
& yes, Andy was the only guy. haha. It was my first so ever time go to the island with my friends. So yeah... was really excited about the plan. Everyone supposed to bring something along. I contributed Italiano Confetti Salad Pasta! :) Thanks to Aunt Susan for sending an email on the recipes all the way from Vietnam. haha. I have to admitt, I'm seriously a "noob" in the kitchen. Mom was helping for starters and all. Then I continue with everything with her supervising. :P Anyways, the pasta turned out good! until Chua said that I kind of missed out something. I forgot to add grounded black pepper. haha oh well, it still taste good. Fyi, this is my first time cooking for friends man! (I usually choose not to cook when im hungry. So yeah, I don't know how long I have not been cooking lol)

Dana brought drinks, Esther - Konyaku Jello, Meli - Tuna sandwiches, Andy - utensils, Chua - Sausages, Sam - her own stomach! XD

Anyways, our trip to the island was an epic adventure! hahah. the sea waves were strong and our butts hurt due to the bumping and all. Sam and Esther were screaming and making funny noises. haha. I laughed so hard I couldn't concentrate on siting properly. Chua was holding her laughter and I could see that she was reallly scare. Her face was pale white! Haha! (I'm still smiling while typing this. I still can imagine their reactions... hahaha) Dana, Meli and Andy were cool... hmph! haha

I thought I won't jump into the water this time when I arrived. Somehow, I was strucked by the nice weather and beautiful sceneries.... I went down to the beach straight. Took some photos and the seven of us swam/float around the beach. Seriously. The tides were really high thats why we were floating. It was really nice and relaxing. We played truth or dare while the tides keep coming in. Lol. (i shall not talk about the korean guys eh? hahahaha)

So yeah. We had soo much fun and I think we were the loudest there. We didn't even care who were around us watching. haha! Dang... I'm gonna miss this so much! Oh oh! Chua, Dana and I got hurt by the corals. It was bloody painful! Oh, I miss the siting on the beach part... sooo peaceful and relaxing... sigh. I miss you girls! and Andy too! :P

We'll do this next time when we have the chance to meet up again! :)
(I wish Amy, Ah Fuizz, Rach Lean and Ivan were there....geess if the whole 5A 2007 clan were there... it'll be so darn nice man.... hehe)

Some photos from my camera. (Most of them are in Dana's)

"the perfect get-a-way :)"

You people made my day <3
Thanks Dana!

Sher W.

Fai Zai (Fai Fai)'s Epic Scare Fail Moment

I have to post this up into my blog! lol!
This was during the movie night at Doug's place.
Before everyone meet up in his place.

Starring : Doug, FuiYin, Avan, Daniel and Darian

Description : "we're on the way to darian's home to pick him up, and daniel(fai zai) decides to hide in the boot and attempts to scare darian. elementary stuff. it should work. nothing could go wrong. but of course, something could and most likely will go wrong if anyone who self proclaims themselves as retarded stars in the clip."

I watched this in the morning after I woke up.
I was seriously laughing in front of my laptop. Mom questioned me so many times!
Then I continued laughing silently. :D hahaha

Sher W.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Too many dialects!

Wheeeee~~ Off Days! Me love Off Days! :D

Just so you guys know, I'm working in an Audit firm as a trainee. Started last Monday & I have to admit, it's not easy to adapt working life. Luckily mom has been stuffing me with her own office stories ever since I was in highschool :) However I still find it really hard to communicate with the staffs. Language barrier. Or shall I rephrase... DIALECTS barrier! I hate it when Chinese has soo darn many dialects when I could only speak one fluently, the cantonese. My mandarin (which most people called it as chinese) is...always...out of tune. My hakka? worst. I could only understand what they're talking about but I couldn't respond. So, whenever they chit-chat in the office.... I'll be doing my work completely silent. I'm wondering what they thought about me. Hmm.

The work loads are okay. Enjoying them at the moment. I seriously did learn a lot! :)

Whatever it is, I still miss school life. Classes every morning and buzzing off with friends on the latest news around school. *wink :D

Dana's back! Watched Ice Age 3 with her, Chen Nam and Esther. Not so bad after all. Beyond expectation (cos I wasn't a fan of the previous 1 and 2).

My favorite part was the "Roger" part. hahahaha!
Check this out! :D


Last night, we, (okay... let's specify "we". Bryon, FuiYin, PW, Justin, Vic, Cassie, Ian, Daniel, ChrisW, Doug, Reggie, Darian, Desmond, Avan, Amy and I .. did I missed out anyone?) hung out at Doug's "crib" hahah. (I have to use your word, D.)

I went there late. Everyone finished the food. So I had laichee and longan for starter. haha. Then ChrisW and Daniel went out to buy chicken wings!! They came back with one big bag of chicken wings that can feed the whole village. haha! So, some of us proceeded to the TV section and had Tale of the Despereaux. It was ...... seriously the most random cartoon movie ever. LOL. I was only enjoying the lil mouse called Desparaux. He's soo cute! and the voice of Emma Watson's. :)

Photos are all with Vic <3


Watched MJ's BET Tribute on E! with the clan. Apparently I did not write an entry about MJ after his death was because I don't know much about him. All I had with me was his music. I've grown with them and because of his death, I felt like a piece of my childhood died too. He's such a great entertainer. However, another reason I didn't want to make this big deal was because hypocrites out there who turn their backs on him.... now is seen to shed tears and praising his work! What? They only respect him after he died? In fact, in the business world... people are making business by selling his cds just because he got famous of his death. =.= sigh.

Anyways, I'm tired of hearing people telling stories about him. Just let him rest in peace, shall we?

Btw, MSN with Yvonne Loh and she was like "Did you realized everyone was black in the MJ's BET Tribute?"
Lol! of course! I just found out BET stands for Black Entertainment Television. wow, how cool is that.


Coming up next:

Sam's back! yayyyy!
Today's All Saints' Bazaar! wheeee~ I'm meeting my All Saints' clan before heading to the bazaar and I'm really exicted about this!
I'm gonna dye my hair. (Hope this time is for real... no more procrastination! haha)
oh yeah! Hong Kong trip this coming Friday! yiipiieee~~ I'm gonna see my big brother! :D

Have a great week, loves!

Sher W.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summarized Journals :)

IS Graduation Photo : Class of 2009

First of all, I thank those who left messages in the Chatterbox even though this blog is nearly dead. It has been a month? that I have stopped blogging. hehe.

So according to the Count Downs I've made in the previous entries, Dad has went back to work place. Grandma is here for a visit. Graduation & Prom ended (They were pretty good, despite tiredness. I should have enjoyed more though). Dana's coming back this Monday and Sam 5 days after. :)

Been going out much this whole week! We realized, we had so much to do. Mom has been very considerate, so as Grandma! Mom just nagged a little but I talked through it :D
This is the summary of what I've done:

Wednesday (24th June 2009)
Watched Transformers : The Revenge of the Fallen with 50+ people. Mostly IS. I texted PW and Amy first for Premier but we realized we shall save money after all-that for Prom. So, PW texted Ian & Bryon. They took over and organized everything. Good job guys! :D We had so much fun watching with almost everyone we know in the cinema. Transformers 2 rocks! Can't deny it! Shia and Megan is really good though. & The university scenes were all in Princeton! Dang! prestigious Ivy League College! haha

Friday (26th June 2009)
Went out with PW, Fui Yin, Bryon, Hannah, Rowie, Yvonne Yapp and Cassie for a drink at Yoyo, Damai. Spent hours and took some pictures for Hannah & Yappie's farewell card (It was supposed to be a secret)

Saturday (27th June 2009)
Mommy's Girl Day :D. Woke up extra early to send sis to school with mom. Spent some time with mom and Aunt Mei during breakfast. Went home, showered and changed then went out with mom again to the town to get some stuffs.

Sunday (28th June 2009)
Woke up early. Wanted to buy Flora's present. I went out in the evening, sent sis to her friend's place. Then headed to City Mall. Bought Flora's present and a DVD lol! Tempted to watch Owen Wilson's movie. So yeah. I forgot the title of the movie. I haven't watch yet though. PW waited at a petrol station nearby to show me the way to Flora's place. She organized her own Farewell + Birthday party at her home. Spent some time there. Caught up with Eric, CVC, Esther and Alvin. Flora was really busy serving guests. Haha. She's leaving in early July! :( I'm gonna miss you cutie~ Have fun in Brisbane!

CVC (leaving back to his hometown soon!) at Flora's

Monday (29th June 2009)
Farewell Dinner for Hannah and Yappie with a group of friends at Mode Cafe, Asia City. Then we dropped by at Fui Yin's place to do some card decorations :D. PW, Cassie, Fui Yin, Bryon, Desmond and Justin were there. Then Daniel Saw & Ian tagged along. We were having fun writing messages especially the guys. They were playing with their Chinese words, making the message sounds funny. After, Cassie and Daniel went to meet Hannah in Chuan Hin for some dumplings. PW and I were really tired so we just dropped by and straight away drove home.

Tuesday (30th June 2009)
Woke up extra extra early in the morning to send the 2 girls off! Drove to PW's house with my little Red car hehe (Yea, this time I drove. Pity PW has to drive all the time). Dropped by at Fui Yin's. Then pick up Hannah (last minute plan cos Douglas who was supposed to pick her had to pick Amy). Ian and Cassie picked Bryon and Daniel. Everyone met at the Airport and spent some "hunger" moments there. Haha! They came with their morning symptoms and the guys were complaining in hunger. Took pictures and all. PW, Fui Yin, Amy, Doug, Sarah, Daniel, Ian, Cassie & I wanted to have breakfast together at Hilltop. Sis was sick at school. So I dropped the plan off & brought sis to see the doc.

Alvin called me in the evening. Reminded me Leong and Vincent's farewell dinner at Lil Italy! Had the most calories dinner that night and took lots of funny photos! Haha. Thanks to Cheryl and Kimi for their cameras :D Then had 2nd round at Damai's Up 2 You. Met some old friends there. Kong and KiKi tagged along. Played Uno (Dang Chen Nam! I was gonna win! haha) Then went home early to get some rest.

Wednesday (1 July 2009)
Woke up early AGAIN! for IC Renewal! argh. I only slept for 3 hours cos the night before I couldn't sleep. Was watching E! programs. Dang! They were showing pretty dresses and make-ups and hair-dos lol! (Although I wasn't fond of beauty tips but yeah. They look interesting) So yeah, PW picked me up. I was having a little headache and drowsiness. Traffic congestion some more! Then, dropped by at Fui Yin's (Again. lol) and met up with Cassie and Daniel there. Bryon thinks that we were being exaggerate to renew IC soo darn early in the morning. He dropped by at Fui Yin's to meet us and he went back home to sleep i guess.

IC Renewal done. Then to Kingfisher for breakfast. Then went to 1B to look for Cassie's random gift for her friend. Then (too many then.. aiyar who cares) we went to watch Hannah Montana the movie again!(for me).

Back home and got ready for dinner at 1B (AGAIN!). And watched Transformers 2 AGAIN! ahhhhh~ Mom and Sis haven't watch. So yeah, being a good sister and daughter... I shall accompany them for movies! I reckon that mom won't understand the movie HAHA!
But I showed her how Shia, Megan and Princeton looks like :D

Thursday (2 July 2009)
Today I decided to rest. Woke up a little later and online. Checked emails and FB. Thought of updating my blog. (Miss Chua has been complaining that my blog is dead. So yeah) Then.... when I was typing this extremely long post... Miss Chua called and asked me out. Few minutes later, she arrived at my place. Dragged me to look for a mobile phone for her mom's worker. We hung out after that at McD and Coffee Bean. Went back home and get my car and pick sis up from school. And now I'm back here continue with the blog. :D

So, what are the upcoming events?
I'm waiting for Dana and Sammie to come back. So we could go out with the girls.
Some of us were thinking of shooting a video based on a song. :D
Mom's planning to go Shen Zhen & Rasa Ria for some holiday-get-aways.
My birthday next month! (I got a feeling....... wooohoooo~)

Alrights, I shall stop here. You guys must be drowsing off in front of your laptop already. Hopefully atleast one will read the entire post. :D hehe. Cheers!
I'll update soon!

- More clearer pictures are on Facebook.

Shereen W.