Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die

Wanna know what's the title referring to? You'll know :)

The family came over for Awards' Presentation. They claimed themselves for being too free back home so they came to see my sis and I. lol

Sis and I went to KL to meet them during the weekends and spent a night at their hotel.

We went to Aunt Desi's house for some warm gathering and also to celebrate Ryan's birthday advance by 2 days.

Fresh veggies!

Baked/Roasted Chicken! :D

OM NOM NOMMMM at Aunt Desi's beautiful mini garden! :)

Aunt Desi signature cheese cake as Ryan's Birthday Cake! I would so love to eat more of this but my tummy betrayed me! >:( hmph!

Birthday Boy and I! Happy 3rd Birthday handsome! :)

The ALL-time favorites of the family : DURIANS!

Loving the food so much! I haven't been eating these food for months! OMNOMNOMNOM!

Then shopped, ate Yo! Sushi for lunch (they have really cute designs and colorful plates!), watched Toy Story 3 with sis after sending the family off to the airport.

Toy Story 3 was amazing! The story line was good (for me) and loving Andy's voice *melts* luckily its animated. xP


Thanks to my beloved Patricia Wong! I've finally owned the whole BIGBANG Big Show 2010 Live Concert Album now! I'm listening to them singing and imagining their performances on stage!wheeeee~ I was so excited when they sang "Let Me Hear Your Voice" and "Haru Haru" Live in their concert! I love GD's solo on Heartbreaker! He sounded so good even though its Live! Good Job boys! I'm counting days till October when the DVD will be out! and I'm waiting for their official comeback in late August this year! It's gonna be my best birthday gift in a while! :)

Update : It's 1st of July! Taeyang has finally released his SOLAR Album! I'm so excited and I can't wait to see him performing in M! Countdown with GD! :))))


I've just watched an Indie movie today. It was definitely not my type of movie. Cos it's affecting my thoughts now. I see things different way thank you very much!

Here's what the title of the post is all about :D

*heart pumping in 4143324505 beats per second!* ;)

Sher Wong

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kim YuNa

She's gorgeous!
Someone posted her images in Facebook. I checked and I had to post some here.
Kim Yu Na's a Korean figure skater.
She was rated as the Person of the Year in 2008 by Korea Times. How honourable is that?
She gave me inspirations to work harder. She's just my age and she has gone so far!
Nothing is impossible if you have the heart to do it.

Quote of the day : "Life's not about waiting for the storms to pass; it's about learning how to dance in the rain" - Sports Quotes

Sher Wong
모두 최고!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Football Fever?

I never expect myself writing this. lol.
I've watched one of the matches last night Eugene and Justin. It was Slovokia vs. New Zealand. It wasn't an exciting match but I managed to spend the whole 90mins siting there watching with the guys. I have to admit... the last minute goal by the New Zealanders were funny and exciting! haha.
And that was how I realised football aren't that bad after all. The team spirit has to be there! I used to think that these guys who run across the field with a ball are robots. I didn't bother to wonder what kind of people they are until last night when I saw one of them shot a goal. The images painted out on their faces showed how happy they were and I had goosebumps watching their happy faces! Then memories ran through my mind... I remember the time when my school drama team has won from district level to state level. I broke into tears of happiness because we were under some stress and we did our best no matter what the result is gonna be. Then we went for national level. We worked closer and harder as a team and showed our best in Langkawi. It was the spirit we had that made us won the whole competition. And again, i broke into tears. (coincidentally, the final was on my birthday.. so yeah. it was the best birthday gift ever). We jumped and screamed and let out every bits of grudge we had when we were announced as the winner!

Okay back to football, last night match reminded me of so many things that I nearly forget. The competitive environment (besides studies), the working in a team spirit and also the sad, joy and stress that spread across the whole team. I miss them so so much!

I have to say... football is awesome! especially when ur favourite team is playing! I'm gonna try catching South Korea's match next week! wheeeee~ So who's up for it? ;)


Btw, I've read this article on Readers' Digest.
It's called the Homeless FC. Try checking it out. The story is about 3 homeless normal people in Hong Kong struggled to make ends meet. Then they were helped by one of the social worker and they formed a football team. They call themself Dawn Team :) Every player has their stories behind but on the field... they only have ONE goal. Read it! Their stories are inspiring and its not ONLY about football... its about life too. How amazing that is? relate football to life :)

Soon after becoming homeless,
I started wandering the streets whenever
I couldn't sleep. Late at night, there aren't
many people. It's strangely liberating.

Soon after becoming homeless, I joined a
football team. There are all kinds of people
on this team. Most used to be homeless.
Many still are.

Most of the players want to turn their lives
around. But we never thought that
turning over a new leaf would take us to such
a faraway place.

Lung, Dawn Team 2006

Sher Wong
p/s : waka waka eh eh~

Monday, June 7, 2010

GD, GD, Baby, Baby, Baby

see how adorable he is? He's the most talented guy ever!
*sighs *melts

Btw, check this out : "As A Man" by Gummy. I know the song has been up for quite a while but I really want to post this up to the blog. :) To those who aren't koreanified yet... you guys will find this interesting and some of you may like the song as well as the music video! wheee~ Anyways, support YG Entertainment and spread the YG love! ;D

And also this! check out T.O.P's acting in this new movie! its releasing soon! I can't wait! :)

cool, no? its based on true story for the letter written by the character played by T.O.P

B I G to the Bang! :)
Sher Wong