Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Malaysia!

First time spending Merdeka Day in the campus. No family but friends that I met few days ago.
It was pretty cool. We online in the Dining Hall after dinner and we talked about computers. Well, not exactly. A new guy friend I met, Etara, talks a lot about computers and he showered us with all the techy info. Good though. At least we won't be cheated in computer shops. hehe.

After 12AM we walked out campus to find this stall called "Ramlee Burger". Instead, we found "Otai Burger". I know, it sounds funny but Etara said it's almost the same as Ramlee's. Too bad Ramlee closed his shop that time otherwise Daniel will have his first time tasting the famous "Ramlee Burger" in Msia on its' Merdeka Day. haha.

Pictures time!
Epic Fail. This one's for Doug XD

Dan looks so happy with his burger hahaha

Etara the camera shy


Then, we walked back to our hostel. Went to Etara's block all the way to send his laptop back and get his stuffs for slumber party at Dan's room. *rainbow eyes* haha . On the way to mine and Dan's block, we saw this!

That's for you Doug! hahahaa! Remember the game Pictionary we played at Justin's place? HAHAA! And we saw moon on the way back to our hostel. and that reminded us of werewolf! HAHA! Good memories. I really miss that.

Anyways, I'm off to bed now. I hope Dan and Etara are having fun. :P phahahah.
(on standby mode for Dan's emergency phone call. LOL. or maybe... i'll just set silent mode. i reckon they'll be fine. XD)

Sher W.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Moving on

Just to make an announcement here : I'm heading to Uni next week!

I wasn't really prepared but I am really really excited about this.
Paranoia begins when I start to ask myself "Will I survive Uni?" sigh.
I don't wanna brag too much about me being fussy and all that. I am just too.... paranoid? I need to get this outta my head. Fast!

So I'll be leaving early next week. I'll miss my family, friends and my bed!
I told mom I wanna bring my lil' bolster there. Mom showed her disgusted face and said "so big still want that small bolster!". But my grandma was soo supportive :D She said it's an acceptable habit. It's better to bring than not to sleep well at night :D
And now I'm wondering how to sneak it in to my luggage. Sigh. Maybe i'll get a smaller pillow instead. It's hard to ditch a habit away especially when it followed you for almost 19 years! :(

Anyways, I am having insomnia every night. I can wake up all of a sudden in the middle of the night and ask mom about things. She find it weird and she always gave that "one-eyebrow-raised-up-with-lip-slanted-on-one-side" face. Hmm. I guess I am thinking too much. I really need to get this outta my head (did I say it again? oh well)

So, I've started to sort things out in my room. Pack what I should pack and leave what should be left. It wasn't easy. Sis and I been sharing a lot of stuffs and I find it hard to divide the stuffs into half. Like cutting "leggings" into half or t-shirts into half. sigh. So we had to make a deal. I always allow her to choose what she wants first. (What a goooood sister huh :P)

But then, I'll talk to her about me wanting what she has chosen. HAHA. then we'll have to sort it out in the end. hahaha


One thing I was really happy was I got to see my girls again before I leave. (Except Sam who is sooooooooo busy celebrating her colorful result in KL now. haha!) They are suppose to leave to the UK soon. So I might not be seeing them for years or 1 year minimum. Sigh. I'm gonna miss them so much. Andy who is leaving to Canada & Edbert to UK dropped by too! && Ivan of course who will be annoyed by me for the rest of 2 years in West Msia. :P (You said you're gonna help me... so I am gonna make you help me! haha. thank you lovely Ivan! :P)

We had Japanese and we catch up on our courses and life! We had such an unexpected great time together :) Teasing and making fun of each other. It was like back in highschool where Andy and Ivan always drop by at our tables and sit and chit chat non-stop about everything! I miss all of u man... :( Well, life goes on and we still have a lot to go through.

Here are some wonderful pictures of us

Salmon Pizza

Muahahah! Caught Esther off guard for the first time!

Aww...So sweet. Yellow = International gay color? haha!

Chua couldn't resist. Haha!


Chen Nam dropped by for dinner at my place last night. Yes, he is back! hehe. We didn't take much picture though. Then, we online on Msn and we took some photos through webcam haha.

I'm gonna miss you lil' brother! hehe

Well, everyone is moving on and so do I.
This chapter of my life has finally ended with good and bad memories.
And soon.... the start of a new chapter.
A challenging yet an eye-opening one with more good & bad times waiting to be filled in.
I shall take the road.... with a range of optimisms. Hehe.

Shereen W.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Satu Malaysia

Hey Yo, Malaysians out there!

Put everything down and learn to be proud of your country.! Think of the positive side eh...? :)

Satu Malaysia , One Malaysia :D
Listen to this.

Happy Advance Birthday, my country.

Shereen W.

Friday, August 7, 2009

The Host

I was supposed to blog about my 1 week Hong Kong get-a-way but I'm desperate to make a shout-out.

Don't worry, the HK post will be out from the oven soon.

So here it is...
If you have ever read Stephenie Meyer's work... You should try "The Host" as well :)
It's about an alien from other planet invaded Earth and they took over human bodies (the hosts). They lived on Earth and acted like humans. It's a love and heart-warming story. Tears nearly rolled down my cheeks when I reached the saddening part - such a sober. lol. Yes, this is the 1st book that made me cried. It's exciting and I couldn't stop cos I wanted to read what happened next.

The Host is about a a human girl named Melanie Stryder who is also a host to an alien called Wanderer. (they have weird names. lol). Melanie has very strong affections toward two humans, her younger brother Jamie and Jared, her lover. Mel kept showing her memories to Wanderer which made Wanderer couldn't resist but to search for the love ones who they both believes they are still alive somewhere....

hehe. From vampires to aliens. Stephenie Meyer has really exciting mind :)


Happy Birthday to Cyrus and Hannah!
Cyrus' on the 5th & Hannah's one the 7th

I'm blessed to have great friends like both of you. Nothing can replace the memories we had together during high school :) All the best in whatever you guys are heading to. God bless the both of you, always <3


Just came back from Carcasean with Cassie,Vic,Ian,PW and Justin. First time there. We hung from 9pm to almost 12am. haha. Had fun playing the beans game. Its really good place to hang out.

Now, I'm going back to my books.
Someone need to motivate me to not procrastinate! lol

Sher W.