Monday, October 26, 2009

the little things I miss...

I didn't leave KK for long, but there're still things I'm desire for (especially where you can't find it here in Nilai). I like how KK posses it laid-backness, how everyone has the same thoughts of going to Damai for yum cha, Coffee Bean-ing, movie-ing & the short travelling distances from a happening place to another happening place lol.

Well, these are the things I treasured the most!

Beautiful view at around 6pm from Damai

Ecxotic beaches

Lovely combinations of the sky and the sea.

Even the retarded coconut trees in Rasa Ria Resort

Seafooooood! Especially crabs! :)

Island tripsss!

Lil' Ryan and I! (and Wen as the photographer :p)

And even the traditional gongs in Rasa Ria Resort. haha

P/s : I came out with this entry because I happened to look through some of my old photo albums :)

xoxo, Sher.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

updates updates!

Woke up early and headed to the library! My goal today is to atleast do some studying! haha.

Well, I've been really busy lately with assignments and tests. Crazy short semester I'm having here.

*Woops... Dan just walked into the library. So "EARLY" of him to start working*

Anyways, I just wanna bring updates to you guys.
Last night was Ceria's birthday. We went to Seremban for steamboat and then to Port Dickson for a walk. Played the ridiculous card game by Les Lee and I was really bad in luck! Never get the chance to voice out cause I never get my hand on the paper written "Q" ! sighs. But we had so much fun. Took pictures and made a few new friends!

Tests were okay except for ENL! have to work really hard to improve my essay writing skills. And fill up more brain juices into my brain before the exam. Presentations were not bad too. Maybe I'm just a bloody perfectionist that's why I don't see anything as satisfying as I wish for.

Anyways, need to get back to books. Came online just to get Etara or someone to inform Etara that I'm skipping lunch! wheee~ One more week and I'll be free from prison! :)

xoxo, Sher.