Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Back to the place where I shout "Home Sweet Home" !

sometimes, I can be such an emotional exaggerator freak!

When I'm sad; I'll be the sob-iest among everyone out there. When I'm happy; I'll be the happiest retard on earth. When I'm worry; I'll make the whole world worry with me. & When I'm excited; I'll act like a 4 year old kid jumping for joy without being alert of my surroundings.

Sigh. I remember during the O.L.E. Orientation in INTI, we had this session where we sat in a group with a given question ; "If you have a chance, what super power you would like to have in you?". When it was my turn, I said "I want to control people's emotions". (I have no idea why that came out from my mouth lol)

It hit me now. I can't even control my own emotions... How can I control others' ? *blehh*

"Sometimes The depth of Human Emotions Overshadows The Mind in Control, A maze of Emotions Encloses My Thoughts; My Very Soul,Only leaving a breathless Motion,The decision to Only Move On ..." by


I'm back home! wheeeee~ Had 2 hours of sleep before departing the plane. Wanted to sleep in the plane but failed. lol. The whole family came and picked me up! (so touched~) Ryan was so shy! I was hugging him non-stop! hahaha. I like to disturb him. Then, dad brought us for Dim Sum. Yums~ Apparently I was thinking to have Dim Sum for breakfast on the plane but I can't text mom that time! Glad that they read my mind. hehe.

Home didn't change much except the fact that one Ryan grew taller and knows to say "Hi" and "Okay" (Now he's learning to say "Hello" so cute! :)), two Wendy kept smiling with her turquoise braces, three my mom has a new tiny laptop which is really hard to use - I gave up and took out my laptop instead lol, four my room is still the same until when I opened my closet! omgoodness! It was sooo messy. My sis has this habit that she pull out the clothes from the bottom of the stacks and leave the top ones collapse! and five, my bed seems to be comfier than ever - I was reluctant to wake up everytime I start sleeping on it. (Alert : Sleeping mode is creeping in......noooo~~ I'm yawning again! See! Even by thinking of it makes me sleepy already!)

Last night, went out with......... Vic, Steph, Debs,Dan,Dar,Doug and Des(so many Ds!). We played Pictionary again! haha. Pictures are with Vic. The outing's for Doug before he leaves for Keele today. Good Bye Doug! We all will miss you! :)

Then today, mom woke me up to accompany her to the market. I forced myself to wake up after 3 hours of sleep. I told myself "I need to wake up! I need to learn how to shop in the market in order to cook!" lol! So yeah, I managed to wake up! Sis couldn't though :p muahahaha.
When I came back, I fell asleep on the couch. haha. Then I had this really weird dream. I thought it was real.... It felt so real! A friend of mine suddenly asked me "Why there is no love? Was it because you exited?" I didn't know what to answer but after that I was awaken by mom. I felt so dizzy and weird at the same time. So mysterious. haha.

Alrights, time to go out again.
Till then,

Sher W.

p/s : Oh yeah! I finished Gossip Girl season 2 and I super love the ending! Blair and Chuck are so cute together! Now, I'm wating for Season 3! wheeeeeee~~

Sunday, September 20, 2009


I'm coming back home! :)

Food and TV!
Driving and Ryan!
more food and comfy-ness at home!!!!! yayssss~~~

Selamat Hari Raya people!

Sher W.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

roll over the weekends

I've been in Uni for almost 3 weeks & I have so many reasons for not updating my blog. (I'll make this short)
- time table packed with classes
- free time only for assignments (I've just done my 1st step of Assignment 1 for ENL!)
- hang outs with friends
- hang outs
- hang outs
- and more hang outs
- oh oh! Facebook as well! (but not so much of it nowadays)

To be honest, the time in Uni especially in Inti flew reaaallly fast! I don't even have time to call my mom! Anyhow, I'm coming back to KK soon. I miss KK food! hehe and mom's homecooked meals! and and and soups!!!!! *yums*


Actually I don't feel like updating cos I'm really tired. Woke up early in the morning for a jog. (not exactly a jog but... atleast walked and caught some morning fresh air before classes start). Emily, my coursemate has brought me into this! And now Zhen and Dan tagged along too. I'm not sure if they're gonna continue doing this cos we woke up at 6AM to jog this morning! haha.

Classes are okay at the moment. I love accounting class! :) Econs are okay too but too much theories and my mind tend to fly of somewhere after 30 mins of lectures. I don't wanna talk about ENL... I just hope that I'll survive in this semester. hehe.


Last weekend, Richard brought us to KL with his awesome Myvi! :) Etara, Dan, Zhen, Richard and I went to Pavillion for brunch. Then, we headed to Times Square for movie! We watched Up! The movie's nice. I can feel butterflies in my stomach whenever they reached the "height" scenes. (Those who watched Up prolly will understand what I'm trying to say haha). Then we had Bah Kut Teh for dinner! Took few photos cos I was busy walking and talking.

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! (Hmm! How can I forget about this!) We played bowling before movie in Times Square! It has been a while since I bowled. And the awesomeness thing is..... I beat Dan's score :DDDDDD should have celebrate! hmmmph!


Amazed by my scores.... :p hahaha! just kidding!
the 3 of us at the back of the car
Etara!! :DMyyyy favouriteee!

-Sher Wong

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Daniel's brand new laptop

Guess whose room is this.
*drums roll*

It's Daniel's! (if not who else? haha) With his WASHED & CLEANED Arsenal towel!

That was random. lol.

So last night Dan, Etara & I went to Ampang Point to get Dan's new laptop! Urgh. I'm jealous! haha. Etara recommended this shop cos he knows the owner. The privilege of knowing someone who knows the owner of a computer shop is...we get multiple free gifts from the shop!

Checking out for minor scratches & wiping off tiny bit of dusts. lol. The feeling of first time owning an expensive gadget.

One of his free stuffs! I'm soo jealous now!

Haha! Cassie must be laughing at this if she sees this!

So after spending countless hours in the computer shop explaining and showing new stuffs from the computer, Dan's cousin bro's girlfriend brought us for Taiwanese dinner! I love the pancake though but was too full to have 2nd piece! :(

Dumplings with glass noodle. yums*

We were planning to head back to our Uni but Dan's cousin bro's girlfriend (i forgot her name. eeekk*) suggested to bring us to the night market (Pasar Malam) at Taman Connaught...? hehe. Was really excited cos I have not been to a west malaysian style night market ever since.... i was in kindergarden! yippieee~

Daniel & his cousin brother. Dan is sooo... huge! Giant!

Etara in night market!

Mom would love this! and grandma too! :)

Smelly Tou Fu! Dan's cousin bro's girlfriend loves this and asked us to try. gosh. I don't wanna think of the smell anymore.

Our anxious faces before the tou fus went into our mouth. LOL retards!

oh oh oh! I really wanna post this picture! Since this guy loves looking at retard pictures, I shall give him his own picture!!

Muahahaha! The face of someone who has smelly tou fu stucked in his mouth for a long long long long time! torture! haha

I swallowed mine quickly. haha! Anyways, after night market we went back to our Uni. And it was late I went to bed straight away.

Sorry I'm a little rushing here. Just got a call for dinner!

hehe, Shereen W.