Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I want us to make it

Finally, found out that Twitter wasn't as privatized as it used to be. Hence, I'm back here... typing a post which I can really express my thoughts.

Honestly, I suck at expressing verbally. I always hold it in and I really hate this side of me (This doesn't mean I like myself a lot in other contexts)


Dear God,

I have started a relationship a month ago with this guy I really like.
I like him to the extent that I do not know why I like him and he doesn't know why he likes me too.
And I think liking or loving someone is really just a feeling that God made in us. This feeling that You inserted in me might not only make me a happier person (who I already am now with him) but also will definitely hurt me even more.

I've been through ups and downs in past relationships. Thinking about the bitter sweet memories aren't saving me in this relationship. I have doubts; especially when I find myself liking this guy too much. I'm worried. Very worried. I really don't want this to end up like the past relationships and I really want to make things happen.

Father, I decided to surrender my mind and thoughts to You. I believe that it's You who brought him and I together to this stage. I believe that You won't hurt me but protect me throughout the development of this relationship. I have Faith in You and I believe You have a great life-plan for me already. Please let me know if I did anything wrong that disappoints You because I am as clueless as no one expects me to be. Father God, You are the only One I really trust. Take my hand. Take my life. For You are Able. In the mighty name of God, Amen.

I don't know how but I want us to make it too.


Thursday, July 15, 2010


Talked to mom when I was supposed to study in the library (was during break time :) heh)

We talked about Michelle Kwan, Kim YuNa and Kimora Lee.
Kim Yuna has always been my inspiration but when I saw Michelle Kwan. Gosh. She's the most elegant lady I've ever seen! Kimora Lee is the most perfect lady in the world. She has her own style, brain and capacity to work in whatever conditions! Such a corporate woman!

Kimora and her girls

Michelle Kwan (She's just so natural!)

Kim YuNa with her skates. Loving her pure innocent appearance

Thus, these 3 beautiful ladies are my inspirations in order for me to achieve my goals in life.

When others can, you can too! heh.

Sher Wong

p/s : you don't need to change to impress someone or show off that you can do what the others can't. Just be yourself and believe in who you actually are. Live life the most comfortable way you could get before you regret. You'll feel ashame when you think back and see yourself being a puppet trying so hard to get everyone around you to like you.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Germany vs. Spain

I only had 2 and a half hours to sleep before my morning class. Thank goodness it was Quantity Methods Class otherwise I'll be fishing during lectures. haha.

The match this morning was saddening. I wanted to support Spain because Germany has won the World Cup before. But when I was watching the match, I was favouring Germany all the time! (I think it was because the Spanish were so proud of themselves) AND it was sad to actually KNOW the result of the match before it begins! Damn Octopus!

Anyway, Germany had done their very best on the field. They were being defensive since the first half. I guess they got tired after that. Plus, the Spanish played really well this time. I saw some improvements since the Paraguay's match. Casillas and Neuer were awesome goalkeepers! Oh wells, I'm not up to that par to comment on how well they played. lol.

Anyways, of all the German players... I personally admire Mesut Ozil

I have no idea why maybe it was because of his innocent expressions lol!

Next Germany's match will be this coming Saturday. They're playing against Uruguay! I can't wait to watch :)

Anyways, enough with football. Gotta catch up some sleep.

Till then,

Sher Wong