Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Deewana Hai Dekho

Did you know I'm a Bollywood Movies fan as well?

Shah Rukh Khan, Kareena Kapor, Dev Patel, Amitabh Bachan, etc... (moi fav!)

:D hehehehe. I know I know. Another side of Shereen. heheheheh
I've just watched "Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham" this afternoon. Google it!
I've been watching it since 5 years ago. Surprisingly I managed to dig out that old DVD! haha
I love it!

Dance to the beat. I'm so sorry people I couldn't update more about Twitter & talking about Bollywood movies need another post soon.
I'm getting really busy. The intervals between exam papers are really really near these 3 weeks.

I'll update more after! I promise! :)

Sher W.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Confession. (twitt, twitt...~)

I have a confession.

I don't know how does Lady GaGa looks like.

Her ideal straight blonde hair, straight cut fringe & her painted face is how I traced her. lol.
I just realized this when I read on someone's entry about her & fwded a link to her Youtube video. & that's... when I really see her face. Normally, I listened to her & watched her videos at first glance.


Anyhow, I've burried myself with Twitter. At first, I was invited to sign in an account. But I wasn't tempted to. I never understand how does Twitter works though (I was too lazy to read the introductions & all lol). So I just brushed off. It has been a week I heard people talking about it. Few days ago, I went to a bookstore to look for novels. Sis dragged me there. She wanted to get some stationeries. I ran through the book shelves & guess what I saw -- "Twitter. That's how the business starts." I was curious. I wanted to read but it was friggin wrapped up. Then, I decided to sign up & solve the curious-ness!

Bad move.

I've got addicted. I was happy to log in less of FB & MSN, but TWITTER!??
It wasn't so bad at all though, Twitter doesn't kill my time like how FB did. I just type whatever simple things went through my mind & 'Update'! So, yeah. I'm trying to switch on my hibernation mode. I hope... I can get rid of a looot of these internet distractions!

Blogging isn't that bad too. But as u can see, I'm blogging less now. Most of the time... I'll update on Twitter cos I find it more simple to do so.

So... to alllll Earthlings & non-Earthlings, click here & follow me on Twitter if wanna get updated from moi! :))

Sher W.

p/s : Talking about Twitter need a post for itself! I'll do that on next post :)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Shereen this... Shereen that

Shereen couldn't stand staying at home with the books anymore!
Shereen is drifting away from MSN & Facebook! :)
Shereen has too much TV lol!
Shereen needs to go out & take a deep breath!
Shereen wants to meet up with her friends!
Shereen needs to shop!
Shereen wants to look for new clothes and accessories!
Shereen thinks Night At The Museum 2 is soo tempting to watch!
Shereen screams!
Shereen is waiting & waiting & waiting for the exam to end!
Shereen can't wait to fly back to the West in 2 weeks time!
Shereen needs to work her mind out!
Shereen needs Milo to energize!
Shereen is getting crazy with Maths!
Shereen is feeling tired.
Shereen yawns...
Shereen thinks she should log off.
Shereen is logging off.

Sher W. =p

p/s : I'm not a fan of Cats but the picture is so cute. hehe

Love. A Battlefield

I've just heard Jordin Spark's new song on MixFM - Battlefield.
& it made me realized...

Why does love always ended up like a battlefield to certain people?

Love. Relationships. Affections.
(I'm talking about Boy Girl Relationship here.)
Here's a sequence & summarized story to share...

Before we start a relationship, we... fight for feelings.
After feelings bloomed, we... fight for true love.
In a relationship, we... fight for anything to protect the love we have.
We also have to fight for trust & honesty.
If you realized, ,most of the time, we... fight through jealousy, envy, materiality.
When we realized it's time to make peace, we fight our anger to make things up.
However, when things gone too serious & love start to fades... we fight & fight & fight again.
When we think the love should end, we start to fight for freedom.
The battle has not end yet, we still have to fight through the memories.
When one move on & leave the memories behind, he/she is the winner.

Why do we have to act like fighters when we're supposed to love & to be loved?
When one knows that the relationship started with hectic-ness...
Obviously it won't be a happy ending, yes?

Well, that's what I think.
One do not have to change for another.
If we do not prior the same things now, we won't prior the same marriage in future.

Peeps, this doesn't mean anything about my love life lmao.
I'm just saying...
One has to be smart to find love. :)

As for me, I've fought. & won. :)
(& I'm proud of what I'm going through now)

Sher W.

Friday, May 22, 2009

You Gotta Be

HE'S BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To those who don't know what's happening...
My dad works somewhere far from town.
So he's back... for long this time. & gotta spend more quality time with the family :)
There are definitely 2 impacts of his homecoming though:
1. I gotta be Daddy's girl again!
2. I have to go back to my own room! :(

Just so you guys know, I've been sleeping with mom & lil Ryan for nearly a month.
At first it was a little awkward because I've been sleeping alone for years.
But I've got adapted to it. I like it actually.
Despite being squeezed in between lil Ryan and the side of the bed & being kicked at times.
(My brother does sleep like my sister. When my sis & I were younger back in the west, we shared the same bed. The next morning, Wen turned upside down - her feet was on my face. lol! I still remember that! & I have always complain until I get my very own room!)
Anyways, back to lil Ryan... I love watching him sleep cos that's when he looks so peacefully cute! :D

Sigh. Now I'm back to my room again. I felt...a little quiet. haha!
Anyhow, I get to study more! I can wake up at 2 or 3 in the morning & do my study routine again! :) just like highschool.


I went back to college today for Econs extra class.
I missed seeing my fellow classmates! I was damn happy!
After class, Bert, Chua and I walked to our car together. Aww... i felt so nice as we talked & walked & laughed. Everyone has their own ride, I waved at everyone while driving LOL. Pure retardness, YES.

Let me ask you a question:
"Do you guys have a thing for long distance driving with good music playing on the radio?"

what do you know...
with good sceneries as well!
omgoodness, I have to try that whenever I have the chance to do so. (esp. if I have the chance to drive around the States, which my Aunt would want me to get a car a.s.a.p once I settle there)
spice it up with good companionS!! =p
I love to drive & sing along in a very "jiwang" way haha!

Okay, I'm talking too much crap here. A little too much of "SS-ness" in this post I realized.

There was a song that really turned me on while driving just now
"You Gotta Be - Des'ree"

Old song, yeah. but good! :)

Sher W.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Movie Night Out on exam week!!??

Alert: This post may be a spoiler to those who have not watch this yet.

Last night I went for A&D with Chua, Nat, Bert & Kelvin.
The movie was about Religion & Science.
It was really really really de' good!!!! (provided that i have not read the book...yet!)
It was much better than Da Vinci Code! for sure!
Kev & Bert read the book & they said the movie was a lil' disappointing.
lol! consequences of being ahead of most people. hmph!
I had goose bumps throughout the whole movie.
It was thaaaaat exciting. I couldn't breathe. & couldn't sit still.
I was having Honey Chips, I had to munch in a slow-motion way to really listen to the conva. haha! Nat, Chua & I were closing our faces (with gaps in between our fingers for eye-sights) during the scenes with corpses. =p
(fyi, i don't watch horror movie... so this is seriously enough for me. lol)

After that, we went for some Mamak food.
I had Roti Kosong. I was craving for it since i-don't-know-when.
Added the crave with Teh-C-Ping. ;) yumms
Then we went to McD for dessert.
Nat on diet! Chua & I couldn't stop the temptation for Apple Pie. lol!
Bert had Choc Dipped Ice Cream. Kev... same as Nat? lol!

Anyways, I had fun even though was really tired.
Stared at the books for hours before movie. Exhausted.


Nam came to my place to ask me some Stats questions today.
He has to pay me tuition fees man! hmph!

Sher W.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An entry for my beloved country :)

These are really good!
NOTE: Please click "PAUSE" on the music player before viewing these videos.

The song was on aired last year I think in the radio.
I love it when it comes to show the unity in Malaysia.
Even there wasn't any obvious changes.
But in our heart as Malaysians, we know we shall take our part to make the country proud.


08 08 08 ! - woooot! my birthday! last year lol
It's really funny to see Daniel and Nick singing in here.
But yeah... good job guys!

Sigh, I miss going back there. I miss highschool where I got to feel the unity among friendships. I miss those days. One day, by the time when I grew older... these videos may bring a lot and a lot of great 'homely' memories to me. My heart & soul... belong to Malaysia. :)

Sher W.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the 2 lovely people I've met today

" 20... 21..............32!? Ahhhh! "

That was me counting how many ants I've murdered today.
Since the sky was treating me so nice, I painted my front porch.
There were ants moving around the wall due to rainy season.
Mom insisted me to get the job done by today! so yeah =\

I wasn't the only "animal killer" just now.
There were 2 boys (not my neighbors) at the field opposite my place shooting at flying birds.
That reminded me of my dad when he was a kid.
He was one of them back then. (from the story I heard of course)
lol. the "kampung" memories in the West.

I'm currently craving to go back & eat some real Malaysian food with cousins and aunts.


This morning I went to the Kids' Clinic.
Dr. Huang has always been my idol when I first stepped into that clinic with lil Ryan.
She inspired me and I have always wanted to be a pediatrician after that.
Somehow, I've lost my interest in Chem when I was about to decide which course to take in I.S. *sigh.
Anyways, I'm always happy to see her.

Then, we went to a playschool.
I was taking care of Ryan while mom was talking to the Principal.
I enjoyed pushing him down the slides. HAHA!
& there was this cute lil' girl tagged along.
She did not smile at 1st... just pin-point at things. I think she's just shy.
Then when the time flies, she was smiling and following us around.
The principal looked at me every time she talks to mom
(I thought I had something stuck on my face)

She was really nice & talked to me a lot when I sat next to mom.
She really reminded me of Aunt Desi & she told me about her daughter (as if I know her lol)
Her daughter is currently doing music in Adelaide
& she have just received top student award in her uni! *Gasp*


Have you ever heard "Fantasy Farm" on Facebook?
Omgoodness you must try!
It's addictive.
I'm enjoying the "process" from the game!
Search for it.
& you'll know what I'm talking about. hehe!


Sis' having her mid-term exam this week.
She had her Chem paper this morning.
Last night, she asked me about Oxidation and Reduction
(Gain of ions & Loss of ions)
Oh my... I had to read back my notes to explain to her.
Apparently, I've read & I understood how it goes.
But my sis couldn't understand what I've explained cos I was fast-fwd-ing. lol!
So I gave up.
I didn't have time reading back my science and explaining.
Instead, I went to watch tv. lol! such a slacker.

I gotta go back to my books.
I'm thinking to work on my A2 Maths first. :)

Hugsz & Kissesz,
Sher W. =p

How do you say "Perasan" in english? =P

Someone thought I'm talking about her (The "Wanna-beees' post)
Well, if you think you're not that person why do you still care to argue?
I mean why do you bother?
This means, you felt for yourself cos you know you're like who-i'm-talking-about eh?

Anyways, I don't wanna rant so much about this.
I'm done with it.
It's my blog & it's up to me what to talk about.
& about the celebrity post, I told you. It's my blog. Who cares who visit who?
I just love to write what I thought of.
So, back off!

oh btw, I've used "xoxo"s & "till then" since i was in highschool!
I still have my old blog with me. with dates as well.
so.... who's following who again?


Sorry peeps, sorry for that... "obscene"... post
I shall remain silence from now.
I do not wanna tolerate more of these.

Got to go
Ryan has clinic appointment today!

Sher W.

(i'm giving myself a break from xoxo. who cares anyway. oh! im soorry to use ur line! my bad! =P)

Monday, May 18, 2009

Drop some words! :)

I've just installed a Chatterbox in here! :)
*It's on the right side of this blog & above my "Ipod" =p *

I shall make this a compulsory!
To all readers of this blog! (or... passerbys =\)
YOU must leave a message in this blog to let me know that you've put your feet here! :)
Leave your footprints please.... ;p
Thank you very much.

Non-Bloggers too could voice out in here without hesitation baby! hehe

To those who called themselves as "Internet-Dummies" may wonder how!?

It's easy! trust me! it won't kill!
& by pressing that SEND button does not lead you to any under-aged unhealthy sites!
so trust me!

These are the steps:
1. Fill in your name (make sure a name that i know it's you!) in the "name" box
2. If you have a blog, fill in your "link" in the "email/url" box. If you don't... ahh.. just ignore it!
3. Then type in what-so-ever you want to voice out in the longest box where it says "message".
4. Press Send.
5. Finito! You'll see your message in the chatterbox in a few secs.

Easy? Try it! I woulddddd soo love to see YOUR messages here!


Alright, some of you "Mr. & Miss Know-It-All" may think I'm wasting my time writing this tutorial on how to leave a message in my chatterbox.
I'm proving you guys wrong!
I have friends who do not go on to the internet as often as us bloggers do.
They had problems using anything fancy in the internet.
I have to say, they must have that "fear" in them on moving their cursor/mouse around to explore.

I post this cos I care.


Oh yeah! I know I'm a little bit of the lagging-ness

MAN U. won the English League!
Oh yeah baby!

I'm not a football/soccer fan. seriously.
I'm just cheering cos' everyone's cheering!


I'm applying my US visa.
The heck! I'm doing this all by myself.
Mom's busy & she thinks I can do it all by myself.
Sigh. I'm flying back to the West for interview in June!
hopefully everything's following the plan! :)


Any songs recommendation?
I would love to hear from you people.
I need update for my Playlist!
Oh yeah I've been finding this new song by Chin(Thai Chinese Singer) & this young Msian guy singer (They acted in this Love 18 series together).
The song is really new. I heard it in MyFM (mom turned it on while driving).
I love it. It's catchy. But I don't know what's the title. Been seaching around. Sigh.

I'm writing so much!

Look what I found! lmao

Till then,

Sher W. ;)

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Courtesy of "King of Wanna-be"

I've just brushed my teeth. & I'm eating fruits in the middle of the night. Cravings! hmph.

Hi there! (oh gosh. this sounds like "some" people i know)
lol. I know I know. I've made that sound so obvious. "Some" doesn't mean plural at all. In my term, "Some" means "ONE" person I knew.

I've been surfing through blogs. Outside and inside of my circle of friends.
& guess what I've found out!

1. Leighton Meester (or Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl) has a blog herself!

2. The "ONE" has been imitating how Leighton blogs. It's SO obvious & she thought no one knows! lol

At 1st, I was wondering why the "ONE" has been using the "WORD" in her blog. & coincidentally, my sis showed me Leighton's blog. Surprisingly she used the "WORD" as well... (I felt awful for not knowing how to use that "WORD"). But when I found out that the "ONE" has been following Leighton's blog... I've lol-ed.

Not only the "WORD" that makes me think that "ONE" is imitating Leighton. The way she blogged and the way she acted in her blog. She's trying hard to be Blair from G.G.
Urgh. Imitators. She thought she could hide & made people think that's her "icon" which she thinks then she'll be the coolest girl on earth. Sigh* Kids.

But anyways, Leighton Meester is awesome. She has got her own style and she's a great actress.
The pity has to be for the "ONE" cos she doesn't has her own line & she has to use Leighton's . *shakes head*

Teenage girls nowadays, they love to imitate who they saw on TV.
If they're still good girls, I won't mind.
But if they're acting b*tchy, this has to go down.
I couldn't stand people like that.
They think they're someone but actually... they are NO ONE.


Alright, I'm so sorry for posting such a painful-to-read post.

Oh yeah. My friend Alycia has joined the "blogosphere" ! =P
Check her out! :)

Till then,

Sher W.


busy busy busy. *gasp*

I wasn't busy for exam. I was busy doing nothing! Procrastination!

Anyways, I've changed my layout :)
I'm currently working with a more striking header. simple and striking.
Siting right next to me, my sis... working hard for her beloved's birthday card.
Sadly to say, she needs 'Arts & Crafts 101' LOL.
It's funny to see a person who loves graphic designs like her end up sucking at crafts.
=\ hmm. no one's perfect.

I'm really worry for Swine Flu. I hope it'll end soon.
I don't want my dreams of going to the States to be flushed down the drain. :(
My couzie, Kit and Aunt Shirley is coming back from New Jersey tomorrow!
I'm so excited I may be meeting them in June! I have to fly back to the West.
I hope they are in good condition. *Prays hard*


Check this out. It's Jon & Kate plus 8. This is really cute! :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The girl's back!

I'm back with more pictures! :)
I'm so so so so sorry for M.I.A. in a while, I was going through stages in life where I do not have time for Blog! :(

Well, I've been busy studying for my finals.
I've just had my 1st paper this morning.
I did pretty good. Better than last year's! hmph!
&& now I'm really worry for my next papers! sigh. I have to put more effort from now on.

University applications have been stuck in my head for a while.
It has always been this period of time that I'm always worry for my future. hmm.
I remember when I was about to sit for my SPM, I stacked up college prospectus handbooks and brought them home for mom & dad.
I ended up in I.S. because I had too many choices until I've got headache. lol!
Nah... I'm just kidding.
Well, it's time to leave the comfort zone.
& I have options in my mind (: but I shall concentrate on my finals 1st!

Hmm... what else?
I basically have a lot to rant about.
But I've did that in my other blog. (*the blog that only talk bad about stuffs... and people)
Haha. It's secret! ;)

Anyways, I've celebrated Mom's Day with mommy, sis and lil ryan.
Dad went back to his work place.
He called and asked me to bring mommy to special somewhere for dinner.
I had had so many ideas but I ended up bringing her to Brass Monkey.
The Wongs love it there. It was because we knew the owner for years
and the family had burried good memories there.
So yeah. :)

choc pudding! that was what I went there for... haha
my loves

Till then. xoxo