Thursday, July 15, 2010


Talked to mom when I was supposed to study in the library (was during break time :) heh)

We talked about Michelle Kwan, Kim YuNa and Kimora Lee.
Kim Yuna has always been my inspiration but when I saw Michelle Kwan. Gosh. She's the most elegant lady I've ever seen! Kimora Lee is the most perfect lady in the world. She has her own style, brain and capacity to work in whatever conditions! Such a corporate woman!

Kimora and her girls

Michelle Kwan (She's just so natural!)

Kim YuNa with her skates. Loving her pure innocent appearance

Thus, these 3 beautiful ladies are my inspirations in order for me to achieve my goals in life.

When others can, you can too! heh.

Sher Wong

p/s : you don't need to change to impress someone or show off that you can do what the others can't. Just be yourself and believe in who you actually are. Live life the most comfortable way you could get before you regret. You'll feel ashame when you think back and see yourself being a puppet trying so hard to get everyone around you to like you.

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