Thursday, July 8, 2010

Germany vs. Spain

I only had 2 and a half hours to sleep before my morning class. Thank goodness it was Quantity Methods Class otherwise I'll be fishing during lectures. haha.

The match this morning was saddening. I wanted to support Spain because Germany has won the World Cup before. But when I was watching the match, I was favouring Germany all the time! (I think it was because the Spanish were so proud of themselves) AND it was sad to actually KNOW the result of the match before it begins! Damn Octopus!

Anyway, Germany had done their very best on the field. They were being defensive since the first half. I guess they got tired after that. Plus, the Spanish played really well this time. I saw some improvements since the Paraguay's match. Casillas and Neuer were awesome goalkeepers! Oh wells, I'm not up to that par to comment on how well they played. lol.

Anyways, of all the German players... I personally admire Mesut Ozil

I have no idea why maybe it was because of his innocent expressions lol!

Next Germany's match will be this coming Saturday. They're playing against Uruguay! I can't wait to watch :)

Anyways, enough with football. Gotta catch up some sleep.

Till then,

Sher Wong

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